Business Continuity

We wish to outline the measures being taken by Successful Alliances to ensure business continuity and security of your data during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Successful Alliances has worked with our IT company to ensure all staff have secure access to our servers and online files in the event that work from home is required.

We have also implemented Zoom to enable virtual meetings with clients as well as to continue our methodology of having a staff member review critical work, such as payroll, through the virtual facilities of this technology.

In terms of security, all computers utilized to access client files, both onsite & whilst working from home are data encrypted. Files are then accessed through our Secure Practice Protect Cyber System, including 2 step authentication. This system has been locked down to allow access from IP addresses in Australia only.

Clients will continue to be able to contact Successful Alliances via phone on 02 61969496 or 03 91086110 or via email.

For now, if we are meeting clients face to face we will send an email prior to seek confirmation regarding your status re the Coronavirus.

This is a constantly evolving situation for everyone & I would encourage you to contact one of the team at Successful Alliances should you require assistance with budget reviews and forward planning.

Stay safe everyone!