Why Trust Us?

Good, reliable service providers will always be in demand. Successful Alliances came to our rescue at a desperate time of need and we now have the advantage of a modernized and streamlined accounting system with an updated and extended information /reporting package.

We benefit from the services provided by Successful Alliances by having an accurate and independent reporting system at a reduced cost and without the liabilities and complexities of engaging a permanent accountant.

For us, Successful Alliances turned out to be an important win win and we would not hesitated to recommend your services to others who faced difficulties in straightening out their accounts or simply need help in their accounting functions.

Kurts Jaks

The AIDS Action Council employed the services of Successful Alliances several years ago and we have never looked back.  In the first few years the task of recovering, organizing and sorting our accounts was mammoth. Successful Alliances assisted the Council during a difficult period when we were needing to watch every dollar spending.  

Karen and the team have provided excellent service and with her skills and tenacity we have been able to recover and move forward confidently. Karen is generous with both her time and knowledge and I believe her commitment to field of book keeping is without peer here in the national capital.

Philippa Moss

We originally sought to engage Successful Alliances to assess our financial systems and to advise on functionality and improvements to our internal processes. Karen provided honest advice and planned the implementation of several improvements that would see massive time efficiencies throughout our finance team. 

 Karen’s team at Successful Alliances have been available to us with assisting payroll issues, software problems and general troubleshooting when the curly questions arise. The service we have received is second to none, we are more than happy with the support we receive, so much so that we have also booked the team to help us prepare for this year’s annual financial audit. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Karen and her team for all manner of financial assistance, the Healing Foundation is happy to foster our relationship with Successful Alliances for the foreseeable future. 

Cassandra Inkley

I would highly recommend Karen & all of her team at successful alliances. They play a huge part in our interior design business & now that we have found them, we wouldn’t be without them. Their knowledge is wonderful & Karen is my first call when dealing with any financial issues for our business. all I can say is you definitely need to have them on your team!!  

Julie Dalmaso

I have a one person consultancy company and therefore was looking for a way to get accurate financial reporting but in a way that did not bog me down in lots of heavy administration. 

Successful Alliances helped me set up a system that suited my particular needs (including, for example, monitoring and managing exchange rate gains and losses as I do a lot of work for overseas clients). 

I liked the way Successful Alliances explain the reasoning behind the approaches they suggest and then encourage a step by step ''learning by doing'' approach to build competence and confidence in applying new systems. 

I also like the way they provide commercially savvy suggestions for how to organise financial reporting and monitoring, but in ways that are always ethical and defensible. 

Ian Anderson

The Regional Australia Institute has used Successful Alliances for our bookkeeping since the organisation was formed in 2011. During this time we have significantly evolved our financial management needs in response to changing funding and business models and moved our services to online. 

SA has been able to provide great advice on this, made annual audits easy to manage and provided excellent day to day support for payroll, payments and bookkeeping. I would recommend you consider SA for your business needs.

Jack Archer

The National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) first engaged Successful Alliances in April 2013. The decision to engage with Karen and her team followed discussions with a number of other providers within the financial services industry. What made Successful Alliances stand out from other alternatives was certainly their professionalism, but also their understanding of the not-for-profit sector and the willingness to be seen and contribute to the NYSF as a partner, as opposed to simply a business transactional relationship as a client. 

Successful Alliances was quickly able to contexulise their understanding of the sector to our organisational requirements through a collaborative and responsive approach. The NYSF is proud to continue our association with Successful Alliances and I would recommend Karen and her experienced colleagues to any organisation that values honest and constructive feedback and the provision of high quality, innovative and flexible approaches to financial services.

Dr Damien Pearce